United with the American spirit of God-given freedom for all, the mission of Republic Advisors is to inspire hope, gratitude and joy while being an outstanding real estate service provider to industries that forge American prosperity and freedom.

During World War I and II, American businesses throughout the country played vital roles in responding to the needs of the nation at war.  Patriotic entrepreneurs reprioritized business plans, many ramping up production with increased hiring… often sacrificing or risking other business lines.  The power of American industry exploded as millions of gritty men and women rolled up their sleeves in a monumental collaboration to protect freedom.  The wars would not have been won without the commitment of industrial workers and determined business owners who would stop at nothing to serve their country.  United together, there was honor and importance given to every role in the quest for victory.   

Today America faces different challenges but there is no less of a need for strong men and women to stand up for the needs of their country…  To find ways to unite and work together.  To reprioritize and support businesses that are dedicated to building up our communities, even sacrificing or reducing income or profit for the better good of the world.

Republic Advisors is a commercial real estate advisory company founded with a dedication to serving American industry while encouraging businesses and individuals to be united in the joy of freedom and fueled with the American-spirit of humility and kindness.   

My name is Tony DelDotto and I have been on the frontlines of the Minneapolis-St. Paul commercial real estate market for the past 20 years.  As a commercial real estate advisor, I have represented a broad range of clients from different industries that include Collins Aerospace, Amazon.com, Pioneer Power, Bailey Nurseries, Waste Management, Strategic Warehousing, Foxtrot Marketing Group, Tempco Manufacturing, ONEOK Inc, Straub Design, CTDI, Stevens Equipment Company, Twin City Pallet and many more.   Notable Transactions

I am excited to continue serving as a trusted commercial real estate advisor while also expanding efforts of giving back to the community and to others, as so many have given to me. 

I am thankful for the many trusted relationships that I have with clients, brokers, and all those that I have had the pleasure to work with over the past 20 years.  Regardless of the type of business, service-need or location, I hope you will always consider Republic Advisors a trusted resource for your commercial real estate needs. 

Tony DelDotto


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