12181 Margo Avenue South
Hastings, MN
45,488 SF
Represented seller with sale to Anytime Fitness for headquarters
and 7 years later (2021) represented buyer Twin City Pallet to purchase.

Lakeview Business Campus VI
575 Old Highway 8
New Brighton, MN
24,057 Sq. Ft.
Tenant:  Foxtrot Marketing Group
Landlord:  Link Logistics Real Estate
Represented Foxtrot Marketing Group with the lease of their 24,057 SF headquarters.

Lexington Logistics Center
Eagan, MN
206,384 Sq. Ft.
Represented Tenant in the lease of 206,384 sf in Eagan.

Lexington Business Center 
Eagan, MN
184,545 Sq. Ft.
Tenant:  Bell International Laboratories


1930 Energy Park Drive
St.Paul, MN
134,345 Sq. Ft.
Landlord:  Atris REIT
Tenant:  Home Depot / Interline
Represented Home Depot / Interline with 134,345 Sq. Ft. lease renewal.


945 Aldrin Drive
Eagan, MN
71,497 Sq. Ft.
Seller:  Exeter Property Group
Buyer:  Don Stevens, LLC
Represented Don Stevens LLC with the off-market purchase of 71,497 SF building in Eagan.



4401 Quebec Ave N
New Hope, MN
Represented Straub Design with purchase of 54,000 SF building.


Lone Oak Distribution Center
Eagan, MN
50,000 Sq. Ft.
Tenant:  Bell International Laboratories, Inc.



2100 Silver Bell Road
Eagan, MN
3.94 Acres
Land sale to Minnesota Autism Center


UTC Aerospace Building
Eagan, MN
63,000 Sq. Ft.
Buyer:  Lone Mountain Trucking
Seller:  Rosemount Aerospace / United Technolgies


Highway 55 Distribution Center
Eagan, MN
130,000 Sq. Ft.
Tenant:  Amazon.com
Represented Amazon with the lease of 130,000 SF Eagan facility.


65th Street Land
Cottage Grove, MN
54 Acres
Buyer:  Bailey Nurseries
Seller:  South Washington County School District 833
Represented Bailey Nurseries with the sale of 54 acres in Cottage Grove.



Blue Water I
Eagan, MN
13,545 Sq. Ft.

Tenant:  ABRA Auto Body
Represented landlord with leasing Blue Water I to ABRA Auto Body.


Apollo Distribution Center I
Eagan, MN
88,000 Sq. Ft.
Tenant:  Columbia Pipe
Landlord:  Duke Realty


Nicollet Business Center
Burnsville, MN
39,000 Sq. Ft.
Tenant:  RT Dygert
Landlord:  IRET Properties


Inver Grove Heights Distribution Center
Inver Grove Heights, MN
382,000 Sq. Ft.
Seller:  United Properties


411 Farwell Avenue
South St. Paul, MN
422,000 Sq. Ft.
Tenant:  Sportsman’s Guide
Landlord:  REIT Management & Research


2805 West Service Road
Eagan, MN
48,000 Sq. Ft.
Tenant:  Russ Davis Wholesale
Landlord:  Olson Properties


1301 Cliff Road
Burnsville, MN
37,000 Sq. Ft.
Buyer:  LCH Packaging
Represented LCH Packaging with the purchase of their Burnsville facility.


Sibley Industrial Center II
Eagan, MN
37,800 Sq. Ft.
Tenant:  Tempco Manufacturing
Represented Tempco Manufacturing with this offsite storage lease.


McKesson Building
Minneapolis, MN
14,776 Sq. Ft.
Tenant:  Bellacor.com
Represented Bellacor.com with the lease of their headquarters in downtown Minneapolis.


Business Parkway Building
Rosemount, MN
100,000 Sq. Ft.
Tenant: Sweet Harvest Foods


5800 149th Street West
Apple Valley, MN
22,866 Sq. Ft.
Buyer:  Interstate Partners


2600 Campus Drive
Plymouth, MN
48,080 Sq. Ft.
Tenant:  Minnetonka Hopkins Gymnastics Association
Represented Mini-Hops with the lease of 48,080 SF in Plymouth.


Minnesota Valley II
Shakopee, MN
162,048 Sq. Ft.
Tenant:  Amazon.com
Represented Amazon.com with 162,048 SF facility in Shakopee.


Kasota Business Center II
Minneapolis, MN
36,243 Sq. Ft.
Tenant:  e-Commerce Company


Shenandoah Business Park Land
Shakopee, MN
69.2 Acres
Land Acquisition:  Amazon.com


Dupont Distribution Center
Burnsville, MN
177,838 Sq. Ft.
Seller:  901 Properties


2500 Ventura Drive
Woodbury, MN
39,289 Sq. Ft.
Buyer:  Pioneer Power
Represented Pioneer Power with the purchase of the company headquarters.


Lexington Business Center 
Eagan, MN
67,615 Sq. Ft.
Tenant:  Strategic Warehousing
Dual agency with lease with Strategic Warehousing.


United Building
Mendota Heights, MN
30,517 Sq. Ft.
Tenant:  HD Supply Construction Supply


Highway 55 Distribution Center 
Eagan, MN
132,248 Sq. Ft.
Tenant:  Strategic Warehousing
Represented Strategic Warehousing in the lease of 132,248 sf in Eagan.


Fritz Shop Building
Newport, MN
22,946 Sq. Ft.
Seller:  Fritz & Hastings Properties


Enterprise Corporate Center I
Mendota Heights, MN
16,802 Sq. Ft.
Tenant:  Ecolab


MSP Midway Industrial Park Bldg 9
St. Paul, MN
80,000 Sq. Ft.
Tenant:  Strategic Warehousing


MSP Midway Industrial Park Bldg 13
St. Paul, MN
83,472 Sq. Ft.
Tenant:  Strategic Warehousing


Fritz Building
Newport, MN
45,000 Sq. Ft.
Tenant:  Master Wholesale
Landlord:  Fritz & Hastings Properties


First Park Lakeville Distribution Center
Lakeville, MN
119,328 Sq. Ft.
Tenant:  Strategic Warehousing


Enterprise Corporate Center I
Mendota Heights, MN
25,443 Sq. Ft.
Tenant:  Electri-Cord Manufacturing


Silver Bell Commons
Eagan, MN
16,030 Sq. Ft.
Tenant:  Communications Test Design Inc.


Trapp Road Commerce Center II
Eagan, MN
32,896 Sq. Ft.
Landlord:  Duke Realty


Southeast Corporate Center
Eagan, MN
Tenant:  Meyer Distributing- 20,517 Sq. Ft.
Tenant: Restaurant Technologies – 62,000 Sq. Ft.
Landlord:  Hub Properties Trust


Trapp Road Commerce Center II
Eagan, MN
32,896 Sq. Ft.
Tenant:  Expeditors International
Landlord:  Duke Realty


1300 Grey Fox Road
Arden Hills, MN
84,912 Sq. Ft.
Buyer:  Powder Technology, Inc.
Represented Powder Technology with the purchase of 84,912 SF in Arden Hills.


Kasota Business Center I
Minneapolis, MN
32,080 Sq. Ft.
Tenant:  Otis Elevators
Represented Otis Elevators with the lease of 32,080 SF in Minneapolis.

Carmen Distribution Center
South St. Paul, MN
Landlord:  Link Logistics Real Estate
Represented Tenant in lease of 101,422 SF