Services Overview
Who does Republic Advisors serve?
Republic Advisors is a commercial real estate brokerage firm for American industry.  Based in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, we represent companies with real estate transactions throughout the United States.  Our clients range from Fortune 500 corporations to smaller emerging entrepreneurs.  If your business requires real estate, we are interested to learn how we might assist with accomplishing your goals.

  • Tenant and Buyer Representation

Does Republic Advisors assist companies in the relocation process?  How about finding new locations?
Yes and Yes.  We help businesses evaluate relocation options and pursue new facilities with strategy and precision.  Before starting the process, we help companies determine if moving is necessary.   By doing a needs assessment, we evaluate space needs that include but are not limited to size requirements, location, timing, growth plans, configuration, transportation strategy, investment goals and of course meeting your budget expectations with financial analysis.

Once we have a strategy for moving forward, we inventory available options throughout the market.  This includes both listed and unlisted properties.  We tour the market and over time, narrow the focus to specific properties that are then further evaluated.  Ultimately, we coordinate lease or purchase agreement negotiations and serve as your advocate to secure the identified target property.

  • Lease Renewal Representation

Does Republic Advisors assist with lease renewal negotiations?
Yes.  In addition to working with companies in the relocation process, we represent tenants in the evaluation of existing leases and with renewal negotiations.  One thing is certain… we never suggest our involvement with lease renewal discussions unless we can confidently add value.  We assess your lease with no obligation and quickly advise you on whether broker involvement is recommended.  At the very least, you will gain insight into the market conditions and know if you are paying fair market rent.

  • Seller Representation

Does Republic Advisors assist in the sale of property?
Yes.  From start to finish, we help businesses maximize value and capitalize on opportunity.  We provide a comprehensive opinion of value and marketing plan to project price and timing expectations for property sales.  To ensure that your property is getting maximum exposure with best-in-class market expertise, we never hesitate to partner with other brokerage firms when they can appropriately add value.  We will never be a firm that takes listings without first prioritizing what is best for the client.   

How does Republic Advisors assist companies in markets outside of Minnesota?
For real estate assignments outside of Minnesota, we typically maximize value by partnering with local service providers to supplement our representation with on-the-ground expertise.  Republic Advisors seeks to partner with best-in-class brokers regardless of their company affiliation and we are not restricted to an “in-house” national network.  Regardless of existing relationships, we consider multiple local firms and make sure that we have the best matched on-the-ground expert to serve the needs of our particular assignment.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

How is Republic Advisors compensated?
When representing companies in the relocation process (lease or sale) or assisting with a lease renewal, it is most typical that we are compensated by the landlord or seller.  The listing agent typically has a commission agreement with the property owner that pre-defines the compensation to be paid to the tenant or buyer representative.  It is customary that brokerage fees are paid by the landlord or seller.  In rare exceptions where a property is not listed or where a property owner is unwilling to pay a market fee, we work with our clients to determine a fair solution.    

When selling a property for a client, we establish a listing agreement that details the scope of work and the commission to be paid at closing. 

As with any commercial real estate advisory firm, we must be selective about the types of assignments we agree to work on.  We occasionally have to respectfully decline opportunities to ensure that we are providing the highest level of service to projects that we are already committed to serving.

What is different about Republic Advisors?
In addition to over 20 years of market expertise, deep resources and connections, we operate with complete transparency. There is never an agenda that is different from our client’s agenda.  We seek to better the world by serving where we are called and doing the best to help others along the way.   

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